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Entrance Edinburgh Castle


This is my web place, which is a work in progress. It focuses on the genealogy of my family tree.  
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  Katharine, Lady Heddington 

Royal Scots Dragoon

"Last of the Mohicans"

Part One: Honoring my Scottish Heritage
(paternal lines)


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The castle pictured here is Edinburgh Castle, historic home of the Scottish kings and their families. I am descended from such a Scottish royal! The pages of the first part of this website are set up like rooms in a castle. In the "Foyer" you will find my  royal "pedigree", listing one line of my ancestors from the eleventh century up to myself!  In the "Gallery" are photos associated with the Scottish royal family and its history. In the "Great Hall" you will find photos of some of the castle's interior. The "Chapel" and "Garden" pages complete the castle tour.

The Thacher family pages (another genealogical line in my family) which follow, describe one of the numerous "tree branches" off my maternal line - one that, of course, leads directly down to moi! Included in the Thacher pages is information about the town on Cape Cod where this branch settled.

Finally, I have recently finished building a page about my ancestors who arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts aboard the "Mayflower" in 1620. Check it out! This is followed by my newest page, an interactive map of the places my ancestors emigrated from to America.

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Rear View Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh Castle

Great website about Scottish tartans and kilts

Evening View of  the City of Edinburgh and Castle

Visit My Katharine Lady Heddington  Pages
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When you have completed your castle tour, continue on from the "Gardens" page to experience a 17th century tale of courage and adventure with the intrepid Thacher family!! (the English side of my family tree!)

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