Great Hall

 Edinburgh Castle

Horner/London Symphony Orchestra

"Wallace Courts Marron"

Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle

My mother likes to say "It's not important how proud you are of your ancestors - rather, how proud would they be of you?"

The following poem was chosen with this in mind.


Trudging through the tangled path,
thwarted, stalled, and pressing on-
once more perseverance hath
the ages won.

Never looking back nor seeking
comforts of familiar places-
ravaging wildness wreaking
aging faces.

Dauntless, following the need
pulsing through their gritty marrow-
  beyond tomorrow, cast slow-speed,
flies the arrow.

Morning ever dawns anew-
places, mortals, hours unfolding,
leave behind the smallest clue-
truth withholding.

Peering back through chapters' prose,
victories found within the pages-
touted brazenly by those
in modern ages.

Whence come forth the haughty proud,
we followers left in their wake?
What deeds enveloped in fate's shroud
their pride will make?

K. L. Sparrow

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Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle

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