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Thacher Family Photos
South Dennis, Massachusetts


My Great-Great-Great Grandfather
Lothrop Taylor Thacher
1790 - 1865


My Great-Great-Great Grandmother
Thankful Nickerson Thacher
1792 - 1888


My Great-Great Grandfather
Capt. George Engs Thacher
1825 - 1911

My Great-Great-Grandmother
Paulina Baxter Thacher

My Great-Great Grandparents
George Engs Thacher and Paulina Baxter Thacher

My Great-Grandparents Charles Lincoln Thacher (1856-1931) and Alice Sears Hall Thacher (1860 - 1936)

My "Grampa" Freeman Thacher (back, right) and his siblings

My "Nanny" Hattie Mae Hersey (seated front left) and family

My Grandparents

Hattie Mae Hersey Thacher

(1905 - 1984)
Freeman Gibbs Thacher

(1892 - 1977)

My Parents
Nancy Thacher Reid
Richardson Reid

Thacher Family Today!!

at the annual July 4th party
; home of Linc & Bev Thacher

4 July 2015

Dennis is famous for its' beautiful beaches......

Town of Dennis Attractions:

Besides the abundance of gorgeous coastline, Dennis offers visitors many natural, cultural and historic attractions. Come visit us and see!! 

Cape Cod Rail Trail: The Cape is networked from end to end with marvelous bike trails, winding through peaceful glades and scenic vistas. No motor vehicles allowed!

A guide to biking on Cape Cod


Cape Cod Museum of Art: Cape Cod boasts it's own Art Museum, located in Dennis and featuring the works of many fine local artists.

Summer Concerts: Dennis has two outdoor bandstands for summer band concerts, scheduled weekly throughout the summer months.

Cape Playhouse/America's Oldest Professional Summer Theater:
On Old King's Highway in Dennis, shows in the evenings from June to September.

Jericho Historical Center: The house was built by Captain Theophilus Baker in 1801 - in addition, there is a barn museum in the back, featuring many items related to life in Dennis in generations past.

Beautiful coffee table book!

Cape Cod Wide

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Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Town of Dennis

Town Seal

The town of Dennis officially separated from Yarmouth and became a town in its own right in 1793. It was in this area of the former Yarmouth where my branch of the Thacher family resided.  It was named Dennis in honor of the area's beloved pastor, the Rev. Josiah Dennis, whose home can today be visited, located in the town's north side region.

Josiah Dennis Manse

Much of the town's prosperity was gained through the fishing, saltmaking, and shipping industries, as Dennis boasts wide expanses of coastline on both the north and south sides of the Cape Cod peninsula (and also the finest beaches on the Cape, vital to today's tourist industry). Many Sea Captains sailed the oceans of the world from Dennis, including our own Capt. George Engs Thacher (pictured left). A painting depicting his schooner is shown below:

The "G.E. Thacher"
(clever name, eh?)

A Dennis Salt Marsh

South Dennis Congregational Church
Many of my family members' graves can be found in this church cemetery.


Thacher Family Home on Main Street in South Dennis
where my mother grew up

Home on Main Street in South Dennis, built by Captain Roland Kelley in 1892,
where I grew up.

The definitive book on the history of the Town of Dennis is Dennis, Cape Cod; From Firstcomers to Newcomers 1639 to 1993 by Nancy Thacher Reid (my mother)

(Sorry, scan didn't come out too good)

Dennis, Cape Cod: From firstcomers to newcomers, 1639-1993

You may contact me at to obtain a copy as well.

Nancy Thacher Reid's brother, my uncle Ben Thacher, has also written a delightful book about life growing up in the 30's and 40's in Dennis entitled
Whose Boy Be You?

WHOSE BOY BE YOU? A parcel of recollections of Cape Cod Yesterdays 

(you may also contact me directly for a a copy)

Dennis Beaches

Scargo Tower

Built in 1929 and given to the town of Dennis in honor of the Tobey family and their contributions to the town. It is the highest point in Dennis and permits beautiful vistas of Scargo Lake below and Cape Cod Bay beyond. (The Tobey family arrived at the settlement in 1678 - latecomers!)

View from Scargo Tower
There is an old Indian legend associated with Scargo lake which must be told while enjoying the view from the tower.

Y-D Redsox/Cape Cod Baseball League:
Dennis and Yarmouth have a team in the Cape Cod baseball league, the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox.

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